GMP Settle Police Inspector’s Claim For Race Discrimination Quietly Out of Court.

GMP Settle Police Inspector’s Claim For Race Discrimination Quietly Out of Court.

By Paul Bailey

GMP has settled Police Inspector Scott Winters’ claim for racial discrimination out of court. Agreements such as these are commonly known ‘Compromise Agreements.’ It is my belief that the mere fact that GMP has chosen to settle Inspector Winters’ claim, at this late stage, reflects poorly on the decision makers within GMP and vindicates Inspector Winters and his decision to take GMP to tribunal in the first place.

Once again GMP has chosen to defend a case at great cost to the public purse only to capitulate when presented with thorough and well thought out evidence of racial discrimination.  One cannot underestimate the great personal impact that the court process has on those like Inspector Winters who are willing to fight for equality within the police service. Inspector Winters has both my support and admiration for seeing the process through to a conclusion.

I witnessed the first part of Inspector Winters’ hearing and therefore witnessed the tactics employed by GMP in cases such as this one. I have never seen such a vitriolic attack on a person’s integrity, let alone a police Inspector with 25 years of service.  I have no problem with witnesses being asked hard questions and have been known to ask hard questions myself but what I saw was Inspector Winters being portrayed as an aggressive, violent, arrogant and argumentative bully a ‘Bete Noire’ seems the appropriate term.  I believe this to be totally unacceptable.

What was also unacceptable, in my view, was GMP’s failure to disclose documents that were not only relevant to the case but supported Inspector Winters. In addition GMP literally produced ‘policy’ out of thin air during the hearing.

So what now, what does GMP do with the complaint of racial discrimination now that the court will not be making a ruling?  What happens to those accused of racist behaviour?  And what happens to those who allowed this officer to be dragged through the mill?

Finally; where is the Police and Crime Commissioner?

Inspector Winters is a greatly valued BAPA member; his influence is greatly appreciated.


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