BAPA Statement Regarding Paul Bailey

BAPA Statement Regarding Paul Bailey

Last month we learned that Detective Constable Paul Bailey was successful in bringing an employment tribunal against Greater Manchester Police. This is the second occasion DC Bailey has to take such a course of action in his twenty five year career. What emerged from the tribunal was the fact that not only was DC Bailey treated unjustly by his employer but that DC Bailey is the best detectives they have at their disposal to bring the most serious offenders to Justice.

This begs the question, why would an organisation mandated by the public to serve and protect it’s citizens, treat it’s employees so poorly?

DC Bailey’s Employment Tribunal is of course not unique, there have been a number of rulings against GMP over recent years and no fewer than three other race related cases currently in the system against the force. Chief Officers made public statements following DC Baileys ruling stating they had accepted the decision of the tribunal and presumably lessons would be learned.

To add insult to injury it appears these very officers are now rowing backward from that position and in fact
are appealing the decision of the tribunal. The public needs to understand that they underwrite this fiasco and importantly for those who are concerned about social Justice and democratic policing, we eed to look at the context of such decision making. GMP in its forty one year history has never had anything other than all white leadership within its Chief Officer leadership team, that is a fact.

It’s multimillion pound Headquarters, a shrine to Sir Robert Peel, founder of the Metropolitan Police and
who is oft quoted ‘the public is the police and the police is the public’.Some commentators are now revising this old quote into a more modern statement about the need for the police to reflect the diverse nature of our society but for me it appears to be about something very very simple and I’m sure DC Bailey as he prepares to fend off this bizarre appeal would agree, that the Police service needs to be more civilised.

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