NBPA Press Release on Race Disparity Audit Roundtable

NBPA Press Release on Race Disparity Audit Roundtable


Rt Hon Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary has today hosted a roundtable to discuss the Race Disparity Audit that was released earlier this month. We at the National Black Police Association have attended and thank her for her invite.

This audit, instigated by her predecessor, the Prime Minister Theresa May, highlights what is already known to black, Asian and minority ethnic people living in Britain today that there are deep-seated disparities across the whole country, with maps of gaps and also institutionally racist organisations.

These are not facts new to policing – we have had the MacPherson report, the Morris’ inquiry and most recently the Lammy review. They have all said the same thing. The Home Office’s own workforce figures in July of this year confirmed that a third of all UK police forces do not have any black female officers, and in the forces that do, only four of them were promoted last year out of over 3,000 promotions. They are, as my black female colleagues have lamented, dying out in policing.

As president of the NBPA I have urged the Home Secretary to move on from reports and review to real action to tackle these disparities seen across policing and the Criminal Justice Sector if we are to have a fair Britain post-Brexit. We look forward to working with the government, the police family, politicians, staff associations, and most importantly the public – after all, “the police are the public and the public are the police.”

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